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Pneumatic high vacuum butterfly valve

Pneumatic high vacuum butterfly valve

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GIQ type-pneumatic high vacuum butterfly valve

The GIQ type pneumatic high vacuum butterfly valve changes the direction of the gas path through the electromagnetic reversing valve, and controls the execution of the cylinder to drive the butterfly valve for opening and closing movement. Used to connect or cut off the air flow in the vacuum pipeline. The applicable medium is pure air and non-corrosive gas. Optional feedback signal device and electric valve positioner.



Material of main parts

Valve body, valve cover, valve stem: carbon steel or stainless steel

Seals: Nitrile rubber, Viton

Zhejiang Gaochuan Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. has been serving the production and research and development of industrial valves, focusing on the localization of industrial valves. The company is equipped with a technology research and development center, with advanced CAD, Solidworks, and Pro-E research and development software. It is committed to improving the global valve supporting capabilities and innovation capabilities, and providing a complete set of solutions for the world's valves.

Pneumatic valves are mainly used as shut-off valves . According to the structural characteristics of pneumatic butterfly valves, they can also be designed as a butterfly plate with a scheduling or segment valve and scheduling function. The opening action is completed with the rolling of the valve. Nowadays, the butterfly valve is at low pressure and large The applications on diameter and medium diameter pipelines are increasing. Pneumatic butterfly valve has the advantages of convenient and rapid opening and closing, labor saving, small fluid resistance, small size, and light weight . It can transport mud and store liquid at the pipe mouth to the least. Under low pressure, excellent sealing can be achieved.



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