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Zhejiang Gaochuan Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. has been serving the production and research and development of industrial valves, focusing on the localization of industrial valves. The company's products cover pneumatic high-performance butterfly valves, high-pressure valves and various pipe fittings. Vacuum valve series: high-vacuum ball valves, high-vacuum butterfly valves, high-vacuum baffle valves, ultra-high-vacuum flapper valves, electromagnetic vacuum, high vacuum fine-tuning valve, etc. The products are widely used in: national defense, new energy, scientific research, aerospace, food and other fields; High-pressure valve series: flat gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, check valve, section More than 50 series of flow valves, regulating valves, gate valves, etc., are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, electric power, new energy and other fields.

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Focus on the industry for many years,Create excellent products

1. Rely on scientific and technological progress, create excellent products, and reform and innovate

2. Establish a century-old enterprise as the goal of striving, and gradually develop into a modern enterprise that has begun to take shape

3. We have modern production equipment, diversified management models, and are committed to building the valve industry

One stop service for design, production and sales

1. Under the premise of ensuring quality, we provide customers with cost-effective 

  assembly line products and perfect services

2. The products have been gradually put into the market in large quantities, and have been well received

   by customers,  laying a solid foundation for further stabilizing customers and expanding market share

The product quality is excellent, and has been trusted and
recognized by customers,Perfect after sales service

We not only make good products, but also put service in the first place. We know that 

your success is our success, sincerely looking forward to working with you



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