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Pneumatic ultra-high vacuum flapper valve

Pneumatic ultra-high vacuum flapper valve

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CCQ type- pneumatic ultra-high vacuum flapper valve

The CCQ pneumatic ultra-high vacuum flapper valve changes the direction of the gas path through an electromagnetic reversing valve, and controls the execution of the cylinder to drive the valve plate to move up and down to open or close the vacuum valve . The valve is used to connect or cut off the air flow in the vacuum pipeline. The applicable medium is pure air and non-corrosive gas. With feedback signal device.

Pneumatic flapper valve refers to a valve that operates the gate valve according to the pneumatic actuator, so that the gate valve is always open or closed. It consists of two parts, the upper half is the pneumatic actuator, and the lower half is the pneumatic flapper valve. . Pneumatic flapper valve has the advantages of simple and compact structure, lightweight shape, saving building materials, unobstructed safe passage, lightweight net weight, convenient installation and disassembly, etc., and can incorporate a variety of complex loads. The cut-off valve of another kind of knife gate valve also has a cut-off function, which can automatically eliminate the dirt on the convex surface. The stainless steel gate can avoid the seal leakage caused by water immersion, so it is widely used in papermaking, chemical plants, and electric power. Engineering and other manufacturing industries.



Material of main parts

Valve body, valve plate: stainless steel

Seals: Viton, bellows (shaft seal), nitrile rubber



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