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Manual ultra-high vacuum flapper valve

Manual ultra-high vacuum flapper valve

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CC type-ultra-high vacuum flapper valve

The CC type manual ultra-high vacuum plug-in valve uses a handle to drive the valve plate to move up and down to open or close the valve plate. The vacuum valve is used to connect or cut off the air flow in the vacuum pipeline. The applicable medium is pure air and non-corrosive gas.

It has simple structure, flexible operation, light weight and no jamming. It is especially suitable for the transportation and flow adjustment of various solid materials and 50 mm or so block and mass materials. The installation is not limited by the angle, the operation is simple, and the size can be adjusted at will . Valves are the main equipment for controlling the flow or conveying of powder, grain, granular and small materials. They are widely used in metallurgy, mining, building materials, food, chemical industries and other industries to control flow changes or quickly cut off. The hand-plug valve is for powder and grain materials. Granular materials and small materials conveying pipelines are the main control equipment for adjusting or cutting off the flow rate of materials. They are widely used in metallurgy, mining, building materials, chemical industries and other industrial systems to control the adjustment or cutting off of the flow rate of materials.



Material of main parts

Valve body, valve plate: stainless steel

Seals: Viton, bellows (shaft seal), nitrile rubber



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